What is MamaCommon?

MamaCommon offers classes, tools and community for growth-minded, but time strapped women to flourish in motherhood.

We believe a mama feels her best when she's fulfilled as a woman first.

She flourishes.

Motherhood has many seasons that offer us new experiences along the way. Some seasons feel like we’re connected to ourselves.  Other seasons we feel disconnected, like we’ve lost sight of our aspirations, emotional needs and passions as women—outside of the role of mom.

We may realize that our relationships need to be strengthened.  Our self-confidence nurtured.  Our mental health supported.  Our connection to what intellectually stimulates our mind and heart cultivated.  Our evolving career ambitions reconciled.   Many different things prevent us from or promote our flourishing.

Current offerings in the market are fragmented and don’t address the woman at the core who may need support across a few areas, not just one. 

They’re also often inconvenient and don’t fit in with hectic parenting and work schedules.

MamaCommon was born out of recognition that growth-minded and time-strapped women need more emotional support, more grace, more resources, and more inspiration during their journey of motherhood.

We believe she desires personalized information that meets her on her journey and bridges her to a state of connection and fulfillment.  We help her identify WHAT part of herself is in a state of self-disconnect, offers resources to show her HOW to get to a state of connection and surround her in a community of like-minded mamas along the way. All in one place. 

Thank you for being here. We can't wait to see you flourish!

About the founder

Headshot of MamaCommon founder Lindsey Spelyng

Hi friend, i’m Lindsey! I’m the founder + CEO of MamaCommon.

I’m a California native and a mom raising two daughters to be strong, curious and kind in partnership with my husband and best friend, Scot.

I spent 16 years working in pharmaceutical marketing which ultimately led me to a fork in the road– stick with the career I knew, or follow my heart that told me other women needed help and resources, as I did, to flourish more in motherhood.

This is where the vision for MamaCommon began, which makes my heart so full every single day.

You know what else makes my heart full? A full-bodied cabernet, donuts, being in the mountains, doing at-home workouts and dreaming of our next vacation!

I celebrate authenticity and vulnerability in myself and others more than anything and that’s what I want for us, here, in this space.

I am so glad you are here.