Community Rules and Values

We believe growth-minded women seek a certain experience in motherhood.  They are hungry for relevant education that aligns with their aspirations and lifestyle, they crave the support of other women who face the same challenges, fears and desires, and they want a special place to go when they need inspiration to reconnect with themselves.  MamaCommon was designed to be this space.

In order to keep this community vibrant, all members must adhere and agree to the following rules that guide all of their interactions:

MamaCommon community is a space:

  • That is judgment, shaming, and stigma free
  • That celebrates inclusion and diversity
  • Where we lift each other up and offer support, not condemn
  • That does not allow for polarizing conversations about politics, religion or vaccine related topics
  • Where we respect each other
  • That leads with love
  • That does not allow any personal selling or promotion